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    Type: Limited companySole ProprietorshipPartnershipIndividual
    How to know Mul Brand: Facebook AdsInstagram AdsGoogle AdsYahoo AdsReferralOthers

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    Already registered: YesNo
    Existing domain name: YesNo

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    Website language: Traditional ChineseSimplified ChineseEnglishOther languages
    Website type: Company WebsiteOnline ShopOthers
    Industry category: B2BB2CC2C

    Optional features:

    Recommended features:
    Social Media SharingSocial Media LinksBlogUpdate Latest News

    Necessary to build a website:
    Keyword SEOSearch engine loginWhatsappMessengerContact formComputer and mobile version designNews subscriptionIconSite traffic report (search source source, advertising performance)

    Online shop function:
    Member SystemCoupon FunctionDiscounts & CouponsShopping CartPaypal PaymentPayMe PaymentFPS PaymentAutomatic Order EmailInventory ManagementWeb Product Analysis Report (Such as clicks, sales volume, order quantity)Product SearchProduct FilterBrand Classification, Attribute Classification

    Other features:
    Button EffectSite SearchAdvanced SearchMessagePhoto AlbumPicture EnlargementBrowsing AuthorityOthers

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